Monday, May 3, 2010


My favorite time of the year is here and is quickly passing. I absolutely love the time of the bluebonnets. The bright colors of blue, orange, and yellow of the wildflowers truly brings joy to my soul! This time of year reminds me of my Dad and it's like I can feel him here with me during this beautiful season. This year I decided to share my love for the bluebonnets with my children. We went and had our pictures taken and took Kaylee's besties with us. These are a few of our favorites :)

Kaylee, Catharine, and Amalia

This is absolutely one of my favorites of Kaleb.

He loved touching the flowers...but he really just wanted to eat one! Maybe he'll be my "Mikey!"

He seems to have figured out how to stick out his tongue right before we took his you can see in almost all of his pictures!

This the best one of Kaylee and Kaleb together. She sure does love her little brother. He thinks she is pretty cool too.

My beautiful sweet girl.

This is my favorite of Kaylee.

In this picture, I believe she was telling me "Ook, Mommy! Flowers!"

Kaylee loves horses. She is definitely following in her Grandfather's footsteps!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not So Much Fun at Cooks....

February was a month filled with some not so fun sickness. It seems that we have all been so sick this month! We are ready for some days of no fever, coughs, and runny noses. :)

We had to make our first trip ever to Cooks Children's Hospital. Our poor Little Man was just miserable and not eatting. He had a bad case of bronciolitis. His congestion and coughing was causing him not to want to eat. We were afraid that he was becoming dehydrated so we went ahead and took him to the ER. The poor baby had to be stuck six times before the nurse found a vein that was able to support an I.V. and he had to spend the night. Needless to say, his first Super Bowl was spent being rocked by Mommy and Mimi. The hospital and staff was absolutley amazing in both care and atmosphere. As a parent, you pray that you are never in a situation in which you need a children's hospital. When you find yourself in that situation you suddenly become so grateful for their expertise.

Due to the stress of the situation and a very fuzzy mind I forgot to take my camera to capture this not so fun experience. Though, once we arrived home I took this picture of Kaleb with his new friends he made at the hospital. Kaleb wants to say thank you to Mommy and Daddy for the monkey, thank you Mimi for the puppy, and thank you Cooks for the sweet Teddy Bear :)

I have been told by many parents that when they had sick children that is when they truly learned to pray. I have to say that this is my experience as well. There is nothing like having a sick baby and not being able to help. It seems all you can do is put your sweet baby in the hands of God and know that he is in good hands. Thank you God for your healing, peace, and use of doctors to make my sweet boy healthy again :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kaylee's First Haircut

Yes, I finally cut her hair. Scary I know. Poor child, luckily it turned out okay :) The back of her hair was growing out and beginning to resemble a mullet, which was driving me crazy. So during bathtime I decided just to trim it up...well...let's just say it ended up a bit shorter than what I wanted. But she does look just as cute as ever! Here are pics of her new do :)

January and Febuary

Well, it seems the months of January and Febuary have flown by in the blink of an eye. Life has been flying by so quickly it seems we haven't had the chance to catch our breath! I am promising myself and my children to be more on top of things from now on. So, for these two months it seems I will be having a lot of catching up to do! So here goes :)
New Years was a lot of fun and celebrated in a very relaxed and laid back fashion. We decided to go out and eat at Red, Hot, and Blue for our New Year's Eve dinner. Yes, it is our FAVORITE bbq place in the DFW area...Kaylee enjoyed the yummy food while Kaleb slept through the entire experience. I'm sure this will not be the case for long!

Brandon and I celebrated with a quiet evening at home. With two sweet kiddos at home it's hard to do much else! We had a wonderful dinner, game of Monopoly, and watched the ball drop :) I love to dress up when I get a I took this opportunity even though we weren't going out!

I pray that this year brings health, happiness, and growth in our little family. I am excited about all the adventures that are yet to come :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun at the Park

We haven't posted in a few we are playing catch-up! Last week we decided to take advantage of the relatively nice weather by going to the park! Kaylee loves the slide as you can see!


Kaylee climbing the stairs to the slide all by herself :)

Kaleb enjoyed his trip to the park too. Kaylee had to help Mommy push the stroller back to the car. Double Strollers are a beast to push!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Adventure

We had a wonderful Christmas though we did feel as though it was a bit like the "Griswald Family Christmas!" We began our adventure on Christmas Eve and headed towards Albany. The weather forecast was for some snow flurries but not for much more than that. As we got closer to West Texas the more we realized this forecast was was more like a blizzard. A trip that usually takes about 3 hours ended up taking about 6. The last thirty miles took 2.5 hours! I really think I would be fine never seeing snow again. Here are some pictures to prove it!

This picture was taken about 30 miles outside of Albany...

Oh, and don't let me fail to mention that we slid off the road into a ditch hitting a barbed wire fence right outside of town! Thankfully, there was someone behind us that was able to pull us I said it truly was an adventure!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kaleb Turns Four Weeks!

Here are a few pics of the "Little Man" at four weeks!

Look at those sweet chubby's amazing how much he looks like Kaylee did at this point :) This is what you should know about Kaleb at four weeks...

1. He loves the Christmas tree and looking at all the bright lights.

2) The lamp is one of his favorite things you can see he is beginning to be drawn in by the lights.

3) He loves to eat...we're even adding a bit of rice cereal to his milk to help tide him

4) He's beginning to really watch Kaylee and I'm sure he's thinking she's a bit crazy ;)

5) He's still a snuggle bug...and he's beginning to like his swing a little more...the Baby Bjorn is a little better because he can still SNUGGLE with Mommy!

6) He has made his first trip to the park riding in the Baby Bjorn and has attended his first Christmas Party.